PhD Researcher - iCRAG (Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences) - University College Dublin

2017-2021 (expected)

Measuring and modelling stacking patterns in turbidite sequences.

M.Sc. Applied geology to mineral and energetic

resources exploration - University of Granada. 2014-2015

60 ECTS. Repsol Exploration grant. Marks: 9.112/10.

M.S. Thesis: Triassic and Jurassic reservoir quality analysis in the Barents Sea, Norway.

B.Sc. Geology - University of Granada. 2010-2014.

 240 ECTS. Marks: 7.761/10

Research & publications


Lopez-Cabrera, J., Manzocchi, T. (2017). Quantifying compensational stacking in deep water deposits: an example from the Lettergesh Formation, west Ireland. Atlantic Ireland 2017 conference proceedings, 96-97.


Puga-Bernabéu, Á., López-Cabrera, F.J., Webster, J.M.,  Beaman, R.J. (2016). Submarine landslides in the Great Barrier Reef margin: preliminary characterization of the their morphology and behavior. 35th International Geological Congress - Abstract book.


López-Cabrera, Francisco J., Puga-Bernabéu, A., Webster, J.M., Beaman, R.J. (2016). Morfología de los deslizamientos submarinos en el sector central del margen de la Gran Barrera de Arrecifes, noreste de Australia. Geogaceta. vol 60, 43-46. Link



Simonet-Roda, M.M., López-Cabrera, J., Sequero-López, C. (2015). Reconstrucción paleoambiental de la unidad de tránsito Tortoniense superior- Messiniense inferior del margen sureste de la Cuenca de Sorbas (Almería). Current trends in Palaeontology and Evolution - XIII EJIP Conference proceedings. p.242-249.

Pérez-López, A.,  López-Cabrera, J., Sawas, G. (2014). Interpretation of a Jurassic oolitic platform in the Betic Cordillera (Spain) on the basis of petrologic features of the Bahamian sediments: an application of microfacies study. 19th International Sedimentological Congress. Sedimentology at the crossroads of new frontiers - Abstract book. p.548



Teaching assistant (demonstrator) - University College Dublin. 

January 2017 - Current position

Demonstrator in UCD. List of subjects taught:

- Introduction to Earth Science materials (24 hours)


Research assistant - University of Granada. September 2015-September 2016.

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology department. Australia's great barrier reef submarine landslides. Forward numerical modeling (Hawaii reefs)

Professional practices - Repsol Exploración, S.A. June-July 2015.

MsC. Scholarship. Petrographic, petrophysics and statistical analysis of 9 oil wells in the Barents Sea (Norway). Framed in my MsC thesis project. 


Occasional contribution - University of Granada. September-November 2014.

Micropalaeontology hand-picking of submarine turbidites (Australia). 

Occasional Contribution - Sedimentary Reservoirs Workgroup. September 2012.

Drilling and well-logging assistant.

Computer Skills


 Advanced windows



Adobe illustrator




Fluent Microsoft Office Pack

Intermediate R programming 




ArcGIS user (ArcMap)

LaTeX programming basics. (Incl. JabRef support)

Jmicrovision (point counting, background analysis)

Fledermaus knowledge 


Python 2.7 basic knowledge. (Numpy, pylab...)


C# Programming

*Hint!: You can find my scripts and programs in "Software" page.

Courses and Languages

Native Spanish


Elemental German

Microsoft - DataCamp.

Introduction to R programming

License bd0b0f2b8e414fa79b5ea72eb994788a

University of Rice

An introduction to interactive programming in Python


License KHFHMU4Y42


University of Granada

Basic python elements




Introduction to LaTeX scientific text processor.


MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Introduction to Computer Science and programming using Python,

License b39e5c19017b48be81d9c6cf122ebb4d


Stanford Online University

Reservoir Geomechanics

License a5753d313dd94ccb877412f493991b5f



International Association of Sedimentologists - Student member


Society of Petroleum Engineers - University College Dublin Chapter - Treasurer


Teamwork flexibility. I have worked in a large group (Repsol clastic sedimentology - Geological disciples) and my adaptation was perfect. I listen and I give my opinion.

Phantom 3 Professional and photogrammetry knowledge.

Collaborator in

I have been a volunteer in some academics events. I was a Univeristy of Granada representative in 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015 (Madrid) and I have worked as a European Researcher's Night coordinator in Granada.

I have a good abstract thinking and spatial vision.

B1 driver license

Availability to travel