Who am I?


Francisco Javier López-Cabrera is a passionate geologist by the University of Granada (Spain).

Born in the Anthropocene (year 1992), he is currently a PhD researcher in iCRAG - University College Dublin


His career goal is to research in a prestigious university or become a petroleum geologist.


Geologically talking, Javier is a lover of stratigraphy. He also likes ichnology, geochemistry, petography, sedimentology, geophysics, GIS, mineralogy and of course, fieldwork.


He invites you surf over his webpage and get in touch with him.

So do you wanna hear more about Javier? This should not be said, but as you will know, he works with rocks, which denote that he is a little odd (like all geologists). He has worked also with large databases and computers -geologically related, of course-.

Among his non-geologic academic interests are computer thinking and programming, and their implementation on the basis of geological programs.


Some of his hobbies are video-games. Strategy, MOBA and sandbox are his preferences. Other hobbies are hard rock music (he tried to play the keyboards in a band) and board games. Nature and environment are also among his interests. 


Origami. He loves origami (flowers, dinosaurs, star wars spaceships, all made from a piece of paper). He has been an actor in two theater companies (Noctiluca Teatro, Aedea Teatro) and among his relevant theater roles are co-antagonist in "Little shop of horrors" and main character in "La dama del Alba".


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"The sediment are a sort of epic poem of the Earth. When we are wise enough, perhaps we can read in them all of past" - Rachel Carson (1950).